How To Break Down A Pallet In 3 Minutes

This is a quick and effective way to break down a pallet in less than 3 minutes. As with any project, use safety precautions any time you’re using power tools, and stay safe out there!
We have some awesome pallet projects to share this week, and I wanted to show you the easiest way, we found, to break down a pallet. The whole thing can be ripped apart in 3 minutes! No prying or pulling nails out!

Start by having someone secure the pallet for you. Then use a 9 inch all-purpose blade on a Sawzall to slide in between the planks and saw down those nails!

Like I said be cautious, and make sure someone is securing the pallet for you!

Have you found any better ways to rip apart pallets? Let us know in the comments!


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