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Make New Boards Look Rustic and Aged

There are sooooo many different methods and techniques out there for distressing or aging wood to look like rugged old barn boards. But I’ve tried them all… and I’m going to show you the absolute EASIEST and most customizable way for you to make your NEW boards look like legitimate old wood. We used cheap pine 1×4’s. SO CHEAP! I took my little intern with me, and we had a lesson on how to spot cupping issues […]

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Advanced DIY Knife Block

This quite unusual but practical knife block is a relatively fast and simple project for your CNC machine… There is some manual work involved (edge rounding, glueing and sanding) but with the right tools it won’t take too much time… Step 1: Things you’ll need: Bill of materials: (Beech) plywood: 700 x 290 x 15mm 460 x 340 x 15mm 350 x 340 x 15mm 260 x 340 x 15mm Magnet Ø25 x 5mm (NdFeB) Some 6mm […]

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Rolling Garage Storage Cabinets For All My Tools

I finally got tired of having all my tools scattered all over my garage and decided to build 4 cabinets to hold it all (well, almost all). They are on casters so I can roll them around when needed, but you must roll them out to open them up. Cabinets closed Cabinets open. Hard to tell on these photos but cabinet opens to reveal 3 storage areas. Each outside door is pegboard on top and shelves at […]

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DIY Miter Saw Bench With Hidden Vaccuum

Sometimes being Woodworker’s Journal’s “Field” Editor, I feel like I’m way, way out in some field. What I mean here is, I’m one step removed from the day-to-day feedback we receive in our home office from readers about what we publish. A lot of mail comes in, but generally I don’t get to see it. I work from home, which is several states away. Well, thanks to this blog, I’m getting quite a lot of feedback from […]

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DIY Vanity Desk with Modern Hardware Pulls

DIY Vanity Desk with Modern Hardware Pulls Building for my kids is perhaps the most fun and a great source of pride as a momma.  Today I’m sharing how to build this vanity desk including these unique drawer pulls made from Simpson Strong-Tie® hardware. This desk is generous in size, average but not too small, really it’s perfect for anyone.  All the details including step-by-step instructions are down below but first let me show you the finished […]

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