Build A Swimming Pool Out Of 40 Pallets

Summers have just been come and what you have decided to withstand those scorching summer days? Have you got the perfect solutions to avoid getting roasted by the hot sun? Have you planned something special to bear that sweltering afternoon summer time heats? Tend to raise the water-fun like to taking of outdoor showers, swimming in water pools and a also playing with those garden sprinklers by making some DIY setups and these all ideas will really rock to keep your bodies no-sweat and cool!

We are here with this pallet swimming pool project out of 40 Pallets to share with you that will all help you to have your own garden or backyard swimming pool while having not too much in your wallet to spend! 40 pallets and a water pump and the tarp will be the main supply items for entire pool installation and you can get the perfect wood reconditioning and cutting apparatus and also the latest perfect hardware for an all lasting fittings and overall assembly of pool parts! Follow the given DIY pallet pool installation tutorial given below and get the necessary tips and tricks for precise and accurate pallet swimming pool installation!

Swimming Pool from Pallets

It would all demand for a bigger stock of pallets if you want to install your own garden swimming pool, the most required supplies have been listed below!


  1. 40 Pallet Boards
  2. Gaffa/Duct Tape Pool Liner 9m x 7m
  3. Plywood
  4. Steel Cable
  5. Metal Plates to Stabilize the Corners
  6. Clarke Spe800 Rated Pump
  7. Plastic Pipes for Water Transfer
  8. Coach Bolts with Nuts
  9. 75mm Steel Screws
  10. 2 Inches Nails
  11. Sanding Tools
  12. Cutting Tools
  13. Metal Brackets

installation of inside bottom corner supports

Build the boundary of the pool first by getting packed pallets in vertical alignments, chose the smooth area of your garden or outdoor for installation of swimming pool and do check a little also for the environmental conditions of that particular outdoor space! Here complete but sanded pallet skids put together to build vertical wooden walls that give a square shape pool boundary!

giving a smooth plywood cover to entire pool interior

Interior has been covered with plywood sheets which creates a filled look of interior wall and hence would also help to prevent the leakage of pool water! The most sensitive part of a pool are always the bottom corners that create more changes for water leakage, here thicker wooden bottom corner supports have been installed to avoid this kind of water leakage issues!

leveling the pool walls and corners

As water just keeps its surface level equal, so your pools should be all balanced to avoid any inconvenience later, use the leveling tools after installation of a specific pool part or portion! Do make sure that edges have all been fastened tight and are precisely balanced!

making the edges more strong with metal plates

To stabilize the corner which are to handle a lot of water pressure, just use the metal plates and put the heavy duty steel screws in the plat holes straight to wooden surface to install the metal plates! Get metal plates with bigger holes in them if you want to go for a nut and bolt formulation!

pool side wall tilted supports installation

After a water fill, the whole pressure would be on the pool walls, so you should take into account the stability of pool walls first, here it has been solved by installation additional braces or tilted wooden supports that are actually the robust pallet planks!

Adding pallet slats as pool wall braces

L-frames have been installed first that hold well the tilted support in their well supporting angled position and edges of these wooden supports have been made sharp so they sit conveniently over the L-frame and have been secured there using screws!

hiding the angled side supports with additional wooden units

The tilted side supports may not look very well in their exposed form and may effect badly the overall appearance of the swimming pool, so additional wooden units have been made using pallet slats that cover beautifully these angled wall supports!

hiding the tilted side supports with additional wooden units

After a adding a complete roof to pool wall braces, you will get a sloped wall as shown that will also gives the decorative edging to entire pallet swimming pool!

pallet garden ground swimming pool installation

To reach the diving point, there are stair steps installed to one side of the pool by using more pallet skids! After making the stair steps just fill up the rest of area along the poolside! This will give you the additional wooden platform, can be used as poolside and you can also place pool chairs there and the loungers!

self-installed 40 pallet swimming pool

Add the whole pallet boards for poolside roofing as shown and just create a filled look, add more pallets if there is a danger of injurious collapsing of that additional pool deck!

installing the pallet pool stair steps

The stair steps can stay last there if you just secure them with heavy duty hardware! So be attentive toward safe stair step installation!

handmade pallet outdoor swimming pool

Uncut pallet skids would be all amazing to install the stair steps as shown and all you need is to secure them better with appropriate hardware!

garden swimming pool made of 40 pallets

It would to dismantle lot of pallets for nice coverage of that sides of the poolside as there are all the single pallet slats you are to use for this purpose! keep the pallet chocks or dices to do additional decor projects like you can make amazing candle holders, shelf centerpieces and Memorial Day’s gifts out of these pallet dices or mini cubes!

passing the steel cable throught pallet boards

To support the pool wall more and also to provide more inner grip to installed pallet boards, the steel wire has been passed through vertical pallet skids and has been made tight till the all walls get tight, an amazing idea to make the walls strongly held together!

reclaimed pallet pool

Now just make an inspection to check for the mistakes and make sure you have assembled all neatly with hardware, it would be all better to spend some time for a complete overhauling of your pool!

wooden pallet swimming pool with side stairs

Cover the top of boundary walls by putting the pallet slats flat over them and just spread a water proof plastic fabric cover over the pool floor!

wooden 40 pallet outdoor swimming pool

The poolside deck made of hole pallets, also provides space to store some of your good under it and you can also standing beside just to chill up  by having those beverage mugs in hands!

reclaimed pallet swimming pool

Apply the necessary varnish or stain coats to pool walls and to all wooden surfaces for extreme outdoor weather protection and this will extend the life of pool for sure!

adding the pool cloth tarp

Now the final step, cover the entire pool interior with a pool cloth tarp just to get the pool interior all waterproof and after it you can just go for a water fill to pool!

adding the water proof plastic fabric to pool interior

Cover the entire pool interior with tarp, may be a tough task to do and can even take lot of time, just keep the patience and do it in precise ways! Remove the creases and just stretch the tarp cloth finely to pool wall edges after covering up the whole pool interior finely!

securing the stetched pool cloth tarp edges

The most precious task of this entire pool installation, securing the tarp cloth ends to pool side walls and corners, go with sandwich formulation, sandwich the plastic fabric ends between two wooden layers, one is already there and install an additional one using again the pallet slats!

cost-effective pallet outdoor swimming pool

Add slats and just hold them in place by adding nails to each, after a roundup of all corners, you will finely gain a neat neat and water proof coverage of pool interior and now you can go for a water fill to pool!

pool pump installation

Also setup a pump nearby and just use the plastic pipe to let the pumped water reach the pool interior! Suggest a different corners of the pool for water pipe installation as shown!

custom wooden outdoor swimming pool made of 40 pallets

First make a little test, fill the half or less of the pool with water and check for leakage, if have any issue just solve it and then go for a total and complete filling of pool with water!

repurposed wooden pallet swimming pool

Now you can gather around the pool side with your whole family and can dive into the pool to just feel less hot in summers, here is how the pallets can help you to pass your summer time in a great fun-way!

awesome pallet garden swimming pool

You can copy this project to have a swimming pool in your backyard, at your patio with pallets and can even turn it into a home deck pool by suing more pallets! Also check the other pallet pool projects we have shared on our sites to learn a bit more before you take a creative start!

Made by: Mark Lucking

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