Aging Wood with Vinegar and Steel Wool Solution

Aging Wood with Vinegar and Steel Wool Solution

From – How to make new wood look old, aged, and rustic with in minutes using the vinegar & steel wool mixture.

How to weather wood, pickle wood or age wood with this easy homemade wood stain finishing.

Here is a simple weathering technique, trick, and alternative to watered down paint or stain that can give you desired wood finishing results for your older looking wood projects. I

f you are hoping to stain and give your project, furniture, hard wood floor, or prop a vintage old wood or worn look to it this is an easy inexpensive trick and homemade staining or ebonising wood mixture that can come in handy and is easy to do. Scenic painters use this classic aging technique trick or trade secret to make things like fruit crates, pallets and other industrial wooden things look old, used, sun dried, faded, vintage, reclaimed, and antique looking.

It’s a great way to make new wood look like old wood its like creating fake or faux old barn wood.

Find your self a 2 Gallon bucket to mix your solution, 1/2 Gallon vinegar, and 2 steel wool. It may help to wash any oil off the steel wool and break up and pull apart or cut up the steel wool into small pieces before mixing it into the vinegar. Let it sit for four days or so. Some have even heated up the solution to speed up the process. The longer the better the reaction and then mix a 1/2 Gallon of water into the mixture and your ready to start aging. Mix less water if you want a more powerful solution.

If your diy project or piece has scratches and character it should darken much like stain or other patina and enhance the look of the natural wood as well as bring out other characteristics. If not you can always choose to distress and make the piece look rundown. Use a clean paint brush on to apply the fast drying thrifty steel wool mix wash.

Thanks for watching and hope this old wood weathering quick trick can help you achieve your desired look for your project.