110 Pallet Ideas That Are Easy to Make and Sell


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Pallets remind me of mobile homes because they have unlimited potential and are extremely affordable.  You can make just about anything out of pallets at a great price.

You can use pallets as a whole or by breaking them down into individual boards. Single boards are a perfect building material! Wood from older pallets can have a beautiful weathered patina that is hard to mimic with new lumber so they are perfect for creating texture on a wall or other displays.

We’ve gathered some great information that will help determine which pallets are the best for your intended project and how to find affordable or free pallets. We’ll also cover safety issues and  show you several examples of how you can use wood pallets in your home decor and design projects. Get ready to be inspired!

The Beginner's Guide to Using Wood Pallets in Home Decor Projects 2


Know Your Pallets

There’s more than one type of pallet. Understanding the different pallets and knowing which type will work best for your project can help ensure your home decor projects are a success. You can also increase your negotiating power when buying pallets – knowledge is power and if you show them that you know what you’re talking about you may be able to negotiate a better deal.

A pallet is a basically a bottom frame or deck that is used to maximize loads during transport. They are placed under packaged goods to make stacking easier and allow front loaders and fork lifts to easily move them during shipment. Simply put, they act as a sturdy foundation and stacking tool.

Stringer Pallet Design

There are two main types of wood pallets. The most popular is the stringer pallet design.

The Stringer design has a top deck and sometimes a bottom deck of equal size separated by middle framing boards. They are perfect if you need lots of boards for your project.

Here is an image from STBPallet.com of a stringer pallet:

stringer pallet

Block Pallets

The Block pallet is another popular design. They have access openings on all 4 sides, making it more convenient for fork lifts to use.

Between the top and bottom decks are solid wood shaped in a block, hence the name. Here’s another image from STBPallet.com of what they look like:

block pallets


Since different types of pallet frames are used for various weight loads and stacking needs there are a variety of designs available.

Basic US Pallet Size

The basic pallet size in the US is 40″ x 48″.

2-Way Vs. 4-Way Entry

The most popular frames used for pallets is the 2-way-entry and the 4-way-entry. The entry counts refer to the number of openings on the sides of the pallet. A 2-way-entry pallet only has 2 places for a forklift to insert it’s arms in order to move it. A 4-way-entry has 4 opening, 2 on each side.

Deck Designs

Pallets have various deck designs as well. The open board and closed board deck are the two most popular designs. Open boarded pallets have a space between them and closed decks do not. It’s similar to building a deck onto your home, open decking allows water to flow between the boards and closed decking does not.

Look at the photo below, found on a great site called DIYReady.com and you’ll better understand the different types of wood pallet:

different types of wood pallets


Wood Pallet Safety 

Sometimes pallets are coated or soaked in toxic chemicals to extend their lifespan and keep bugs away. If you will be using the pallet for a kitchen or outdoor dining area it’s important to steer clear of those pallets. Luckily, most pallets will have a stamp on them to help you determine if they’re safe. There’s also a few visual clues that can help too.

The IPPC Stamp

The IPPC stamp will tell you a lot about the pallet. Here’s a handy-dandy infographic from DIYReady.com that explains the stamps and codes found on most pallets. (DIYReady.com seems to be the most informative resource for pallet information I’ve found, so if you want to learn more about the subject you should definitely visit them.):




Finding Pallets for your Home Decor Projects

Here in WV there’s a pallet dealer that sells any kind of pallet you need.  It’s an old gas station turned pallet station! The more you buy, the cheaper they get. I suspect there are dealers close to you and a simple Google search should help you find them. If paying a few dollars per pallet doesn’t bother you, that’s probably the most convenient method of getting them. You can pay to have them broken apart as well and that’s especially nice because some pallets have some crazy nails that are hard to remove.

If you’re thrifty (or what my daughter likes to call ‘cheap’) then you probably don’t mind spending a morning calling around asking store managers if they have any damaged or unneeded pallets that you could take off their hands. Smaller, locally owned grocery stores and nurseries are a great place to start.

The Beginner's Guide to Using Wood Pallets in Home Decor Projects


Breaking Wood Pallets Apart

You can use a pry-bar to break pallets apart but it will probably damage the wood a bit so it’s best to use a saw and cut the nails and then pull them out. The video below will show you how:




Pallet Project Ideas

Now that you know more about pallets, it’s time to learn just how awesome they really are!

If you’re lucky enough to find a few pallets for free you can completely transform a room for practically no cost at all. You can also build anything you want – for cheap!

Below are just a few pallet projects that you can find online. There are entire websites dedicated to pallet projects so you can easily find a project that you will love. Just click on the pallet project title to be taken to the original site for instructions.


Pallet Wall Project

One of my favorite pallet projects is using the wood to cover a wall. It creates a beautiful accent in any room and adds texture to a space. The room below is a perfect combination.


pallet wall project 2



Colorful Pallet Wall Project

The wall below provides texture and color to a room and it is beautiful!


pallet wall art project



Bedroom Pallet Projects

The bedroom below uses pallets in several different ways. The possibilities are endless!


pallet bedroom project




Pallet Ceiling Project

Adding pallet boards to your ceiling is a perfect project for any room, especially smaller rooms that just need a little pizzazz.

pallet ceiling project



Pallet Flooring Project

You can use pallet wood as a floor covering!

pallet flooring



This next pallet floor project is awesome and you can get the entire step-by-step instructions and photos from the owners at the blog called ‘A Building We Shall Go‘:

pallet floor project



Deck Pallet Project

With the right construction experience, you can even build a deck with pallets!

pallet-deck projectjpg


Twin Bed Pallet Project

This twin bed combo is a great way to turn a spare bedroom into a smart guest room.



twin bed pallet project



 Pallet Bed Frame Project

This is a beautiful and unique pallet bed frame project.

Pallet Bed Frame



Outdoor Pallet Bed Project

This pallet bed is perfect for your deck.

pallet bed project



Outdoor Pallet Bench Project

You can create a great outdoor bench and flower pot combo with relative ease.


outdoor pallet bench project



Outdoor Shower Pallet Project

If you live close to the beach this is a perfect project for you. Having an outdoor shower is so convenient.


outdoor shower pallet project



Pallet Bench and Storage Project

This Etsy find is a perfect piece to create a little mud-room area.


pallet bench and closet project



Colorful Pallet bench Project

With a little color and additional distressing you can make this beautiful bench!


pallet bench project



Hanging Light Pallet Project

These hanging lamps are a perfect project for a rustic themed room.


pallet chandelier project



Coffee Table Pallet Project

This beautiful coffee table would look perfect in any living room.


pallet coffee table project


Pallet Kitchen Island Project

This island would look great in your kitchen!


pallet kitchen island project



Platform Bed Pallet Project

This is an amazing project that is beautiful and useful.


pallet platform bed project



Shelf Pallet Project

This fairly simple shelf made from a single pallet would be a great addition to any room.


pallet shelf project



Outdoor Table Pallet Project

Another great addition to your deck or porch.


pallet sofa table for deck project



Pallet Pathway Project

Using pallet boards as a pathway is a beautiful addition to any yard.


pallet walkway project



Creative Wall Light Pallet Project

What a great way to separate space in a large area!


pallet wall light project



Wall Office Pallet Project

This little wall office is perfect way to have a desk in a small area.


pallet wall office project



Woodshed Pallet Project

Need a place to keep wood dry? Here ya go!


pallet woodshed project



TV Stand Pallet Project

This is a beautiful piece of furniture. You could use it as a TV stand or a desk.


TV stand pallet project



Desk Organizer Pallet Project

This is a great way to keep office and school supplies organized on your desk.


desk organizer pallet project



Pet Bowl Pallet Project

Your dog would love this pet bowl! Raising the bowls off the floor a bit is said to aid in digestion health.


pet feeder pallet project



Shoe Shelf Pallet Project

Have a big pie of shoes at your front door? This is a perfect solution!


shoe shelf pallet project


From our friends at – https://mobilehomeliving.org/the-beginners-guide-to-pallet-projects/